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16th International Congress on Advances In Natural Medicines, Nutraceuticals & Neurocognition, will be organized around the theme “Nutraceuticals Stimulating the Current Therapy of COVID-19”

Nutracecuticals 2020 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Nutracecuticals 2020

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Pharmaceutical innovations facilitate contribute to innovations within the nutraceutical sector of the health and welfare market. Still prescribed drugs and nutraceuticals have variations between them and each provide respectable plusses and concerns prescribed drugs are a product of research project that supports their claims for health improvement

  • Track 1-1Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals Food matrices
  • Track 1-2Disease modifiers
  • Track 1-3Food Additives
  • Track 1-4Translational Pharmacology
  • Track 1-5Alzheimer Disease & Dementia

Nutraceuticals are merchandise, that aside from nutrition also are used as drugs. A nutraceutical product could also be outlined as a substance, that has physiological profit or provides protection against chronic unwellness. Nutraceuticals could also be wont to improve health, delay the aging method, forestall chronic diseases, increase lifetime, or support the structure or perform of the body.

  • Track 2-1Herbal Nutraceuticals
  • Track 2-2Nutraceuticals Products
  • Track 2-3Oxidative stress

Functional foods may be defined as dietary things that, besides providing nutrients and energy, beneficially modulate one or a lot of targeted functions within the body, by enhancing a particular physiological response and/or by reducing the chance of unwellness. Useful foods are foods that have a probably positive result on health on the far side basic nutrition. 

  • Track 3-1Anthocyanadines and Isothiocyanates
  • Track 3-2Flavonoids and Flavones
  • Track 3-3Dietary Fibre- Beta Glucans
  • Track 3-4Dairy & Dairy Alternative drinks

Dietary supplements are vitamins, minerals, herbs, and many different products. They will come back as pills, capsules, powders, drinks, and energy bars. Supplements don't got to undergo the testing that medication do. Some supplements will play a crucial role in health. 


  • Track 4-1Iron Supplements
  • Track 4-2High protein supplements
  • Track 4-3Protein supplements
  • Track 4-4Herbal supplements
  • Track 4-5Vitamin and Mineral supplements

Prebiotics are a type of fibre that the human body cannot digest. They function food for probiotics that are small living microorganisms, together with microorganism and yeast. Each prebiotics and probiotics could support useful microorganism and alternative organisms within the gut. 

  • Track 5-1Probiotics for Women Health
  • Track 5-2Probiotics and Nutritio
  • Track 5-3Probiotics for Animal Health
  • Track 5-4Probiotics in gastrointestinal health
  • Track 5-5Probiotics in skin and oral health

Marine resources are gaining much attention as a gold mine of biologically active materials with healing power. Most of these metabolites have shown unique structural and functional features compared to their terrestrial counterparts. 

  • Track 6-1Obesity/antiobese marine nutraceuticals
  • Track 6-2Antioxidant marine nutraceuticals
  • Track 6-3Antihypertensive marine nutraceuticals
  • Track 6-4Macro algal and Micro algal Nutraceuticals
  • Track 6-5Antioxidant marine nutraceuticals
  • Track 6-6Macro algal and Micro algal Nutraceuticals

Veterinary nutraceuticals provide an additional health profit additionally to your animal’s traditional diet. Our vary is specifically developed for each companion animals and cattle Nutraceutical use is being explored by veterinarians in most species of animals, as well as reptiles, marine mammals and birds. Most veterinary clinical expertise comes from their use in horses, cats, and dogs.

  • Track 7-1Companion animal Nutrition
  • Track 7-2Livestock Nutrition
  • Track 7-3Aquatic Nutrition

Nutrition disorders are diseases that occur once a person's dietary intake doesn't contain the correct quantity of nutrients for healthy functioning, or once someone cannot properly absorb nutrients from food. Nutrition disorders may be caused by beneath nutrition, over nutrition or associate degree incorrect balance of nutrients.

  • Track 8-1Dietary approaches
  • Track 8-2Lifestyle related disorders
  • Track 8-3Malnutrition disorders
  • Track 8-4Anaemia

Bioactive Compounds are the naturally occurring chemical compounds contained in or derived from a plant, animal or marine supply that exert the required health profit.

  • Track 9-1Bioactive components
  • Track 9-2Regulation of stem cell function
  • Track 9-3Health effect
  • Track 9-4Tissue regeneration and disease prevention
  • Track 9-5Tissue regeneration and disease prevention
  • Track 9-6Skin penetration and oral absorption

Cardiovascular disease may be a category of diseases that involve the center or blood vessels. CVD includes artery diseases like angina and MI ordinarily called a coronary failure. different CVDs embrace stroke, failure, hypertensive cardiovascular disease, rheumatic cardiovascular disease, heart disease, heart cardiopathy, inherent cardiovascular disease, controller cardiovascular disease, carditis, artery aneurysms, peripheral artery sickness, thromboembolic sickness, and phlebothrombosis.

  • Track 10-1Skin penetration and oral absorption
  • Track 10-2Fruit and Vegetables, Soy Proteins
  • Track 10-3Whole grains, Nuts and Legumes
  • Track 10-4Phytochemicals and Polyphenols
  • Track 10-5Sterols, Stanols, Phenols & Flavones

The recent innovations in Nutraceuticals field are alleged to be the long run upsurge on the worldwide public health issue. Nutricosmetics, new generation skin supplements for beauty and skin health. Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics, Food polymers in delivering dietary bio-actives and also the Safety and effectuality of rising Nutraceuticals in world market.

  • Track 11-1Natural Trend
  • Track 11-2Innovative Delivery Formats
  • Track 11-3Cultural Customization
  • Track 11-4Condition marketing

The high prevalence of nutraceutical use among human patients with cancer suggests that the utilization of nutraceuticals in pet animals with cancer is maybe common. Dogs with a good kind of malignant diseases have vital alterations in macromolecule, protein, and metastasis. These metabolic alterations is also ameliorated by victimisation purposeful foods comparatively low in soluble macromolecule, moderate amounts of super molecule that features sources of essential amino acid, and moderate amounts of fat supplemented with polyunsaturated fatty acid long-chain unsaturated fatty acids.

  • Track 12-1Phenolic Acids and Phytochemicals
  • Track 12-2Dietary Fibre and Phytoestrogens
  • Track 12-3Cruciferous Vegetables and Cancer Prevention
  • Track 12-4Combinatorial therapy

Livestock is usually defined as domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting to supply labour and commodities like meat, eggs, milk, fur, leather, and wool. The term is typically wont to refer alone to people who square measure bred for consumption, whereas alternative times it refers solely to farmed ruminants, like Bos taurus and goats. Horses square measure thought-about farm animal within the us

  • Track 13-1Livestock Protein Supply
  • Track 13-2Livestock Nutrition Aspects
  • Track 13-3Sustainability According to the Feed Type
  • Track 13-4Feed Quality and Safety Guidelines

Nutricosmetics are outlined as nutritionary supplements that support the perform and structure of skin. Several micronutrients have this result. Vitamin C, for instance, features a well-established anti-oxidant result that reduces the impact of free radicals within the skin.

  • Track 14-1Eye care Nutraceuticals
  • Track 14-2Skin care Nutraceuticals
  • Track 14-3Hair care Nutraceuticals
  • Track 14-4Anti-inflammatory marine nutraceuticals

Animal nutrition is that the study of the composition and characteristics of fabric consumed by the animal. the style within which the fabric is metabolized born-again, utilized, and excreted within the alimentary tract and body cells of monogastric animals 

  • Track 15-1Nutraceuticals for Animal Health
  • Track 15-2Animal Nutrient sources
  • Track 15-3Nutrient Deficiency in Animal Health

Traditional medication also called as autochthonic or people medication includes medical aspects of lore that developed over generations inside numerous societies before the time of recent medicine

  • Track 16-1Traditional Korean Medicine
  • Track 16-2Traditional Korean Medicine
  • Track 16-3Traditional Korean Medicine
  • Track 16-4Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Track 16-5Traditional Tibetan Medicine
  • Track 16-6Georgian Traditional Medicine

The use of plants for healing purposes predates recorded history and forms the origin of much of modern medicine. Many conventional drugs originate from plant sources: a century ago, most of the few effective drugs were plant-based. 

  • Track 17-1Aromatherapy
  • Track 17-2Phytotherapy
  • Track 17-3Naturopathy
  • Track 17-4Herbal Remedies
  • Track 17-5Ethno medicine

Alternative medicine describes any observe that aims to realize the healing effects of drugs, however that lacks biological credibleness and is untested or untestable. In some cases AM treatments square measure tested ineffectivea

  • Track 18-1Restorative Dentistry & Implants
  • Track 18-2Pain Medicine & Restorative Care
  • Track 18-3Regenerative Medicine and Therapeutics
  • Track 18-4Women Health- Restorative care
  • Track 18-5Cardiac Care & Therapeutics

Pharmacognosy is the study of drugs from the natural origin. The word pharmacognosy is a Greek word: pharmakon" meaning drug or medicine, and "gnosis" meaning knowledge.Phytochemistry deals with the chemicals that are derived from the plants. The biochemical obtained from plants is identified, purified, biosynthesized and are used as biologically active compounds in Indian traditional medicine, Chinese medicine.


  • Track 19-1Herbal Drug analysis Method
  • Track 19-2Plant Exudates
  • Track 19-3Extracts
  • Track 19-4Plant micromorphology
  • Track 19-5Plant micromorphology
  • Track 19-6Heterocycles
  • Track 19-7Proteins
  • Track 19-8Proteins

Nutrition and bioscience Careers Nutritionists and dieticians are health professionals UN agency produce diets for folks. Teaching patients regarding healthy consumption may be a primary duty, moreover as staying alert to developments in drugs and nutrition


  • Track 20-1Diabetes diet
  • Track 20-2Autoimmune disorder
  • Track 20-3Diabetic ketoacidosis
  • Track 20-4Gestational diabetes

Nutraceutical product could be a food or fortified nutrient that not solely supplements the diet however conjointly assists in treating or preventing sickness with the exception of anaemia therefore provides medical advantages. 


  • Track 21-1Protein powders
  • Track 21-2Protein food supplements
  • Track 21-3Baby foods or cereal mixes
  • Track 21-4Protein base for cosmetic products
  • Track 21-5Poultry and animal nutrition products
  • Track 21-6Low calorie diet foods

Neurocognitive performs are psychological feature functions closely joined to the function of specific areas, neural pathways, or cortical networks within the brain substrate layers of neurologic matrix at the cellular molecular level. 

  • Track 22-1Cognitive neuropsychology
  • Track 22-2Cognitive neuroscience
  • Track 22-3Cognitive rehabilitation therapy
  • Track 22-4Neurology
  • Track 22-5Neuropsychology
  • Track 22-6Neurotoxic