International Symposium

Botanicals for Cancer Prevention

The International Symposium on Botanicals for Cancer Prevention scheduled to be held in Bangkok during 18-20 July, 2016. The focus of the symposium is on the Role of botanicals in prevention of cancer.

Cancer is commonly considered to be a preventable disease. Around 90–95% cancer cases have their roots in the environment and lifestyle. Eating cancer-fighting foods is one of the many ways for cancer prevention. Both epidemiologic studies and historical experiences through practice of traditional medicines support the notion that use of botanicals including regular consumption of plant based diet is strongly associated with reduced risk of developing cancer.

Many botanicals and their components have been shown to inhibit cancer development at its initiation, promotion, progression and/or malignant conversion stages. This symposium is an attempt to present an overview of current research activities aimed at understanding of how botanicals and bioactive components derived from them could help in cancer prevention.

Organized by:

Prof. Chandan Prasad

Texas Woman’s University